Tom "Twitch" Twitchell

Owner/ Operator

I am an avid Tennis player. I have a passion for all racquet and paddle sports. I was not able to play for many years and then I was given a second chance and swore that I would make the most of it! The great part about having a passion is that you want to share it, or at least I do!


You bring it, and I'll string it! Because your tension deserves attention!

...So much more than stringing!

Just as you keep your body and mind in shape, it is important to keep your equipment working at optimal status. I believe that the more you know, the more you grow!

My Pro Shop is geared helping the client play to the best that they can. This means being properly equipped. 

I am hear to help you get what you need! Everyone is welcome!

Great customer service. Fast, friendly and efficient. 

Matt Lucia
Felt like I got a brand new racquet!

Located at The Edge off of Kennedy Dr.

Drop The Racquet

142 W. Twin Oaks Terr