Drop the Racquet is both a service and a store! We are pleased to offer:

Convenient, Professional Racquet Stringing - Drop your racquet off anytime; no appointment needed! Fast turnaround and custom tension / grips.

Excellent Selection - Stop by today for sports apparel, shoes, balls, accessories, racquets, paddles, gear bags and much more! All the brands and gear you love!

Tom "Twitch" Twitchell


Hey there! If you are part of the Vermont tennis & paddle community, perhaps we have already met. And if not, I hope to meet you soon! I've been lucky to be involved with the tennis world for as long as I can remember -- as a player, coach, educator, and now a professional stringer and shop owner. I love sharing my knowledge and helping my clients play their very best. Come see me at Drop the Racquet for everything you need to play your best game! I hope to see you soon! 

Anyone who plays racquet or paddle sports should check out Drop the Racquet's retail shop. They have everything you need

Matt Engleman

Tom is an expert racquet stringer - it feels like I have a new racquet! Also, he gives excellent equipment advice and recommendations.

Erich Johnson

I am new to pickleball - went to Drop the Racquet to buy a paddle and was surprised to see they have everything for tennis, squash and racquetball too. Great shop, highly recommend.

Stephanie Mitchell

The store has super cute women's tennis dresses and awesome tennis / paddle shoes. Great prices. Love my new tennis bag, too! 

Lisa Kennedy

Drop the Racquet's Retail Shop & Stringing Services are located inside 'The Edge' fitness center off of Kennedy Drive.

Drop the Racquet:

142 West Twin Oaks Terr (inside The Edge)

Store Hours:





(Closed on Sunday)